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What appliance needs repair?

refrigerator logo Refrigerator Refrigerator Whether your refrigerator is leaking, making a loud noise, or is not cooling properly, we can help
washing appliance repair shymon Washer Washer If your washing machine is leaking or doesn’t start, you’ve come to the right place!
oven appliance repair shymon Dryer Dryer If your dryer doesn’t start or not drying, you've come to the right place!
dishwasher appliance repair shymon Stove and oven Stove and oven When something goes wrong with your oven or stove, it can be hard to know what to do. But don't worry, we can help you.
dryer appliance repair shymon Dishwasher Dishwasher If you find yourself with a dishwasher that's broken or won't start, do not to worry, we can help you.
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Oleh Shymon

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I communicate with clients in the day-time. And believe that agreed and fixed price, exact time of giving services and repairing and perfectly organized service is a key to a happy client.

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Appliance repair work areas near you

Shymon is your best local appliance repair service, ready to fix your household appliances right now, right near you. Serving the Greater Toronto Area and most of Southern Ontario, we ensure quick and efficient solutions for all your appliance needs.

  • Ajax
  • Alliston
  • Aurora
  • Bolton
  • Bradford
  • Brampton
  • Burlington
  • Caledon
  • Cambridge
  • Concord
  • East Gwillimbury
  • East York
  • Etobicoke
  • Georgetown
  • GTA
  • Guelph
  • Halton Hills
  • Hamilton
  • Hamilton
  • Innisfil
  • Keswick
  • King City
  • Kitchener
  • Kleinburg
  • Maple
  • Markham
  • Milton
  • Mississauga
  • Newmarket
  • North York
  • Oakville
  • Orangeville
  • Oshawa
  • Pickering
  • Richmond Hill
  • Scarborough
  • Schomberg
  • Thornhill
  • Toronto
  • Unionville
  • Uxbridge
  • Vaughan
  • Waterloo
  • Whitby
  • Woodbridge
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Any brand. Any model

Our experienced technicians are ready to repair all of the most popular appliance brands. Don’t see your appliance brand listed? Don’t worry: if you bought it in Canada, we can fix it.

BLOMBERG appliance repair shymon
frigidaire appliance repair shymon
whirpool appliance repair shymon
samsung appliance repair shymon
General Electric appliance repair shymon
Jennair appliance repair shymon
Amana appliance repair shymon
Hotpoint-Ariston appliance repair shymon
Bosch appliance repair shymon
Fisher & Paykel appliance repair shymon
Hobart appliance repair shymon
Dacor appliance repair shymon
Electrolux appliance repair shymon
KitchenAId appliance repair shymon
Lg appliance repair shymon
Kenmore appliance repair shymon
BLOMBERG appliance repair shymon
frigidaire appliance repair shymon
whirpool appliance repair shymon
samsung appliance repair shymon
General Electric appliance repair shymon
Jennair appliance repair shymon
Amana appliance repair shymon
Hotpoint-Ariston appliance repair shymon
Bosch appliance repair shymon
Fisher & Paykel appliance repair shymon
Hobart appliance repair shymon
Dacor appliance repair shymon
Electrolux appliance repair shymon
KitchenAId appliance repair shymon
Kenmore appliance repair shymon
Lg appliance repair shymon
BLOMBERG appliance repair shymon
frigidaire appliance repair shymon
400+ And many other brands
whirpool appliance repair shymon
samsung appliance repair shymon
General Electric appliance repair shymon
Jennair appliance repair shymon
Amana appliance repair shymon
Hotpoint-Ariston appliance repair shymon
Bosch appliance repair shymon
Fisher & Paykel appliance repair shymon
Hobart appliance repair shymon
Dacor appliance repair shymon
Electrolux appliance repair shymon
KitchenAId appliance repair shymon
Kenmore appliance repair shymon
Lg appliance repair shymon

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Home Owners Love Us

Licensed & Authorized Appliance Repair in city of Toronto, ONTARIO and Greater Toronto Area (GTA) – Same Day Services.

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Carmela Bramston

This is the second time I've used the service of this company. Last autumn I had issues with the dishwasher – it leaked and damaged the floor. This time our fridge stopped cooling properly. Both times the service was great, reasonably priced and efficient. Dishwasher works just fine now, no doubts that the fridge will run fine too.
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Samy K

Called Shymon to install an over the range microwave for my grandparents. Shymon called me back in a timely manner, gave me a reasonable quote, and booked an appointment on the spot. I received a text confirmation of the appointment and a call on the day of the appointment notifying me of when he will be arriving. Service was completed as promised. All around great experience! I would definitely recommend this business!
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Richard Clarke

Punctual, knowledgeable, quick and efficient. Very pleasant and reasonably priced. Have used before and will definitely use again. Would highly recommend.
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Jennifer Snowsill

Shymon appliance repair arrived on time and was clear and professional about what needed to be done to repair my dryer. He explained clearly what was wrong and showed me how he was fixing it.
He also provided a 90 day warranty on the work.
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Jason Sparkes

King City
Fast and responsive service. Inquired about getting my dishwasher repaired on a Saturday and they were onsite the next day and did the repair. Very impressive.
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Steven M.

Very professional & on-time. Have used Shymon Appliance Repair several times, he also services my rental properties. Today he has repaired my LG washing machine and cleaned out my dryer (unfortunately no missing socks found lol).
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Lisa Gordon

Very appreciative of the prompt service. He came back twice and able to put in place an interim solution to save all my frozen food. Very professional - phoning to let me know he was able to come early Would definitely recommend. Great service. Prompt neat and reliable
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Kelsey Westall

The technician was amazing! Very kind, on time, and answered all my questions, and showed me the problem in a way that I could understand. Also offers some nice conversation while he is doing his work! Would recommend.


Household appliances, both electric and gas-powered, are essential tools in modern homes, greatly simplifying domestic chores. This concept emerged in the United States in the early 20th century, with the kitchen gaining prominence due to advancements in domestic technology. Between 1930 and 1990, a significant evolution occurred with the introduction of major appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, gas stoves, and microwaves. Moving into the 2010s, we saw a shift towards smart, connected appliances, further enhancing efficiency and convenience.

Using these appliances not only saves considerable time but also reduces physical exertion, especially in tasks like cooking. Despite their utility, there’s a common tendency to discard appliances at the first sign of malfunction. However, many times these issues can be resolved by simply replacing a faulty part. Opting for repairs by a skilled technician is often a more sustainable and economical choice than purchasing new appliances, highlighting the value of professional appliance repair services.

Appliance repair expert – SHYMON

SHYMON Appliance repair is a professional appliance repair company in Toronto over 7 years. We’re passionate about bringing you top-notch appliance repair services right here in Toronto and across the Greater Toronto Area we are professional, dependable, and affordable. All our services are insured and certifies and come with complimentary warranty on labor and parts. Oh, we totally get the picture—when your trusty appliance goes kaput, it doesn’t exactly shoot you a text first, eh? And we know that can really throw a spanner in the works for your day-to-day routine. That’s why we’re here with lightning-fast help, zipping over the same day to get your gear running smooth as a poutine gravy, so you won’t skip a beat.

Around here, our customers are the MVPs—the real all-stars. We’re steadfast in our goal to keep your home humming along like a well-oiled machine, because we’re just a ring away from hopping to it and bringing our A-game to your doorstep.

Our toolkit’s ready for whatever you throw at us: breathing new life into your chilly fridge, cranking the heat back up in your oven, making sure your washer’s spinning right, or getting that dryer feeling like a toasty cabin in the Rockies. Not to mention, we can get your dishwasher making things spick and span again or your microwave zapping like the Northern Lights.

Got a wonky appliance giving you the gears in The Six? No sweat. Our crew of friendly and ace repair techs are on standby 24/7, every single day. We’re just itching to help out whenever you holler at us. So give us a shout at +1 416-822-4404, and let’s get your home appliances back to being as reliable as a Canuck’s love for hockey!

Why call a household appliance repairer SHYMON?

It is advisable to call a SHYMON appliance repairer to prevent other problems from appearing on the Household appliances device. Shymon has the necessary know-how to meet the often urgent needs of the client. Appliance repairman Shymon knows the different techniques and steps to make the device functional again. Shymon knows how to adapt to the evolution of current techniques and products. It also specializes in home repair of household appliances of all brands (Samsung, LG, Hoover, Philips, Whirlpool, etc.). Not only does the household appliance repairer have a wide range of spare parts and accessories to replace the defective part, but we also has the hand tools and control instruments to repair defective devices and objects. Its objective is to restore household appliances whatever they may be (washer, dryer, dishwasher, fridge, microwave, cooktop, stove and oven etc.) to good working order.

It is best to seek the services of a home appliance repairer in the event of a home appliance breakdown. It can be used for:
– Washing or unblocking the appliance (particularly for the dishwasher and washing machine).
– Replacing the bulb, gaskets, electronic board or refrigerator compressor.
– Connecting and starting an oven.
– The settings of the injectors or gas hobs.
– Repairing a short circuit or leak from a washing machine.
– Replacing a refrigerator fan.
– Changing the motor, filter, igniter or hood button.
– Maintenance of household appliances (air conditioning, water heater, blender, washer, etc.).
Apart from this, the household appliance repairer is also willing to intervene for the after-sales service of a department store.

How Much Does Appliance Repair Cost in Toronto?

The Average home appliance repair costs in Toronto.

Appliance Common Problems Expected Cost
Washing Machine Wobbling, leaking, failing to drain, underfilling, standing water, mechanical failures, and faulty drive belts $155 to $600
Dryer Dryer belt replacement, no heat, drum issues, overheated dryer, faulty dryer $60 to > $1,000
Fridge and Freezer Faulty compressor fan, clicking noises, faulty compressor, rattling sounds, faulty ice maker, faulty defroster, broken freezer $25 to $345
Oven Broken burner, faulty indicator light, stuck oven door, poor heating, bad temperature, faulty broiling $130 to $280
Stove/Cooktop Ignition problems, uneven heating, blocked gas line, burner won’t light, weak flame $150 to $400
Dishwasher Not draining, not cleaning properly, leaks, won’t start, loud noises, door latch issues $100 to $300
Range Hood Vent issues, motor failure, lighting problems, noisy operation, fan not working $100 to $350
Appliance Installation Service Installation of new appliances, setup, testing, improper fitting, connection issues $75 to $500


The cost of repairing household appliances is between $80 and $200. It varies depending on the type of device to be repaired, breakdowns and parts to be changed. Most professionals charge hourly rates for their services, other invoices depending on the complexity and rarity of the parts. Travel costs, diagnostic costs and the price of parts can also be included in the professional’s prices.

How to find a home appliance repair services?

If you’re looking for a household appliance repairer, there are several convenient ways to do so, especially if you’re in Toronto. Nowadays, numerous online platforms can connect you with skilled appliance repair technicians. These services not only help you find a professional but also offer expert guidance for assisted repairs. For those in Toronto, a great approach is to use the on Trust HomeStars For Fast & Quality Services Professionals. It’s a straightforward process: just choose a suitable repair professional from the directory and follow the steps provided to arrange for their services. This method makes it easy to find a reliable technician who can help fix your appliances efficiently.

How to choose Appliance Repair Service Provider?

It is often difficult to know the right home appliance repair services. To choose the right professional, it is essential to follow several important criteria:
– The household appliance repairer must have a CAP or a Technical Certificate for Audio-Video Household Appliance Repair Trades (CTM IDAVE).
– He must know how to repair different types of household appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, etc.).
– Opt for a technician who has a well-defined working method. He must have a lot of experience in the field. A good technician must always be up to date on modern techniques.
– The word-of-mouth technique is always effective in finding out about your work. You have to turn to your customers. His work must always be done well. Some repairers have an online platform, so it is ideal to see their reviews.
– The household appliance repairer must always be available from Monday to Friday, even on weekends. He must be punctual and attentive to the customer’s needs. Another sign that he is truly a professional is that he knows how to explain the origin of the problem and give advice so that it does not happen again.
– After the professional has finished explaining and identifying the fault, it is advisable to ask him for a detailed estimate for the repair of the device. It should also provide possible options for repairing it.
– Opt for a household appliance repairer who offers a service guarantee.

Best appliance repair service in Toronto

Thankfully, with appliance repair Shymon at your service 24/7, you don’t have to let appliance breakdowns disrupt your life.

Discover a variety of appliance repair services we offer to get your household back on track without delay:

  1. Refrigerator Repair: Entrust your home and commercial refrigerator repair needs to our skilled technicians in Toronto. Proficient in diagnosing and resolving issues from leaky water valves to freon leaks, we ensure your refrigerator operates efficiently, conserving energy and safeguarding your food against potential health hazards.
  2. Air Conditioner Repair: Beat the summer heat and stay cozy in winter with our prompt air conditioner repair services. Whether at home or your commercial space, ensuring your air conditioner functions optimally is crucial for a comfortable and safe environment.
  3. Dishwasher Repair: Maintain a tidy kitchen with our comprehensive dishwasher repair services. We are here to troubleshoot and fix your dishwasher, saving you from the drudgery of hand-washing dishes and keeping your kitchen clutter-free.
  4. Dryer Repair: Avoid the unpleasantness of damp, odorous clothes with our expert dryer repair services. Our professional technicians are just a call away to address strange noises or ineffective drying issues, restoring your dryer’s functionality swiftly.
  5. Freezer Repair: Keep your food fresh and safe with our reliable freezer repair services. Our seasoned technicians are equipped to tackle any freezer malfunction, ensuring it operates efficiently to preserve your food’s quality and safety.
  6. Stove & Oven Repair: Reignite your passion for cooking with our stove and oven repair services. From electric wiring issues to faulty elements, we offer preventative maintenance and repair solutions to ensure your cooking appliances are in perfect working order.
  7. Washer Repair: Say goodbye to laundry woes with our speedy washer repair services in Toronto. We ensure your washer operates efficiently, providing you with clean laundry and peace of mind.
  8. Heater Repair: Stay warm and cozy even during the harsh Canadian winters with our heater repair services. Our technicians are adept at resolving heating appliance issues, ensuring your home remains a comfortable sanctuary no matter the weather outside.

Toronto appliance repair SHYMON is your dependable partner for all appliance repair needs. With us by your side, you can rest easy knowing expert help is available round the clock to restore your home’s harmony. Reach out to us for top-grade appliance repair and experience the seamless fusion of affordability, proficiency, and prompt service delivery.

Questions to Ask an Appliance Repairman on First Contact

– Are you available during the weekend?
– How do you respond to emergency requests?
– How do you repair a multifunction device?
– What are the options for resolving the problem?
– How long does the repair take?
– Can you give me a quote?
– Is the repair under warranty?