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What AEG appliance needs repair?

AEG Refrigerator AEG Refrigerator Whether your AEG refrigerator is leaking, making a loud noise, or is not cooling properly, we can help
AEG Washer AEG Washer If your AEG washing machine is leaking or doesn’t start, you’ve come to the right place!
AEG Dryer AEG Dryer If your AEG dryer doesn’t start or not drying, you've come to the right place!
AEG Stove and oven AEG Stove and oven When something goes wrong with your AEG oven or stove, it can be hard to know what to do. But don't worry, we can help you.
AEG Dishwasher AEG Dishwasher If you find yourself with a AEG dishwasher that's broken or won't start, do not to worry, we can help you.

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  • Ajax
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  • Bradford
  • Brampton
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  • Caledon
  • Cambridge
  • Concord
  • East Gwillimbury
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  • Waterloo
  • Whitby
  • Woodbridge

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Home Owners Love Us

Carmela Bramston

This is the second time I've used the service of this company. Last autumn I had issues with the dishwasher – it leaked and damaged the floor. This time our fridge stopped cooling properly. Both times the service was great, reasonably priced and efficient. Dishwasher works just fine now, no doubts that the fridge will run fine too.

Samy K

Called Shymon to install an over the range microwave for my grandparents. Shymon called me back in a timely manner, gave me a reasonable quote, and booked an appointment on the spot. I received a text confirmation of the appointment and a call on the day of the appointment notifying me of when he will be arriving. Service was completed as promised. All around great experience! I would definitely recommend this business!

Richard Clarke

Punctual, knowledgeable, quick and efficient. Very pleasant and reasonably priced. Have used before and will definitely use again. Would highly recommend.

Jennifer Snowsill

Shymon appliance repair arrived on time and was clear and professional about what needed to be done to repair my dryer. He explained clearly what was wrong and showed me how he was fixing it.
He also provided a 90 day warranty on the work.

Jason Sparkes

King City
Fast and responsive service. Inquired about getting my dishwasher repaired on a Saturday and they were onsite the next day and did the repair. Very impressive.

Steven M.

Very professional & on-time. Have used Shymon Appliance Repair several times, he also services my rental properties. Today he has repaired my LG washing machine and cleaned out my dryer (unfortunately no missing socks found lol).

Lisa Gordon

Very appreciative of the prompt service. He came back twice and able to put in place an interim solution to save all my frozen food. Very professional - phoning to let me know he was able to come early Would definitely recommend. Great service. Prompt neat and reliable

Kelsey Westall

The technician was amazing! Very kind, on time, and answered all my questions, and showed me the problem in a way that I could understand. Also offers some nice conversation while he is doing his work! Would recommend.

AEG Appliance repair services in Toronto

✓ Availability Same day, 7 days a week
✓ Service Areas All over Toronto, Ontario, and the GTA
✓ Experience 7+ Years
AEG Microwave $90-$130
AEG Range Hood $100-$150
AEG Dishwasher $110-$180
AEG Dryer $120-$190
AEG Washing Machine $130-$200
AEG Cooktop, Stove & Oven $150-$220
AEG Refrigerator $160-$250
AEG Gas Appliance $170-$280

AEG Appliance Repair TorontoIn the vast realm of appliance repair services, it’s crucial to make informed decisions without wasting time. Dive into the excellence of SHYMON Appliances CA, a reputable AEG licensed repair agency. Hand over your appliance concerns to our experts and benefit from efficient solutions that are also competitively priced.

A Rich Legacy of AEG Appliances

AEG is a brand with a history spanning over a century. The brainchild of the German inventor, Emil Rathenau, the brand has witnessed substantial evolution in its product offerings. AEG appliances aren’t just synonymous with durability and performance; they also exemplify elegant aesthetics. Here’s a quick glimpse into their legacy:

  • Founded by: Emil Rathenau
  • Duration: Over 100 years in the industry
  • Reputation: Highly regarded for reliability and aesthetic designs

Comprehensive Repair for All AEG Appliances

No matter the type of AEG appliance you own – be it an oven, dishwasher, or any other product, our technicians at Express Appliance Repair have the expertise to address any issues. The proficiency and skills they bring to the table ensure quick diagnosis and effective problem resolution. Here are some reasons to trust our team:

  • Extensive Experience: Our technicians come with substantial experience in handling various AEG appliances.
  • 24/7 Availability: We understand the urgency of appliance repairs; hence, we’re available round the clock.
  • Fully Equipped: Our team is always prepared with the essential tools and a range of parts. This foresight often allows us to conclude repairs in a single visit.

By choosing AEG and SHYMON Appliances CA, you’re opting for a seamless repair experience, assuring the longevity and optimal performance of your cherished appliances. Offers excellent customer service by providing appliance repair services in major metropolitan areas across the country; for example – the list includes Ajax, Alliston, Aurora, Barrie, Bayview Glen, Bayview Village, Beverly Glen, Bolton, Brampton, Bradford, Burlington, Etobicoke, Cathedraltown, Concord, Georgetown, German Mills, Guelph, Halton Hills, Hamilton, Holland Landing, Innisfil, Kitchener, King City, Kleinburg, Langstaff, Markham, Midland, Milton, Mississauga, Newmarket, Newtonbrook, Nobleton, North York, Oakville, Orangeville, Oshawa, Pickering, Preston, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Schomberg, Stouffville, Stoney Creek, Tottenham, Thornhill, Vaughan, Wasaga Beach, Wellesley, Whitby, Willowdale, Woodbridge.

AEG Refrigerator Repair

AEG refrigerators are designed to meet diverse needs, fitting a broad array of preferences and financial plans. Whenever a snag emerges, our dedicated team is continuously at the ready. Equipped with an all-encompassing toolkit and vital spare parts, we aim to address all AEG fridge issues in just one session. Experiencing glitches with your AEG refrigerator? From uneven cooling to ice-maker malfunctions, our friendly experts have vast experience dealing with AEG fridge complexities across all models – integrated units, French doors, single doors, wine chillers, and deep freezers. In rectifying AEG refrigerator discrepancies, our specialists shine in:

  • Tackling door sealing matters.
  • Addressing ice maker challenges, such as leaks or obstructions.
  • Dealing with unexpected noises.
  • Clearing obstructed or frosty drain pipes.
  • Mending non-functional freezers.
  • Overseeing instances of food spoilage at correct settings.

Our certified experts are accommodating, with flexible time slots even during weekends and holidays. Allow us to rejuvenate your AEG refrigerator’s pristine functionality.

AEG Washing Machine Repair

Experience the joy of laundry with an AEG washing machine. The marketplace boasts progressive AEG models, with each iteration outdoing its predecessor. Regardless of your washer’s age or design, our professionals tackle every machine with accuracy and commitment. Confronting challenges with your AEG washing machine? Our holistic services are tailored to help. Our experts, always available, ensure your washer operates impeccably. Their prowess encompasses:

  • Addressing seepages from diverse parts.
  • Sorting unusual disturbances or noises.
  • Fixing initialization hurdles.
  • Resolving display glitches or timer discrepancies.
  • Addressing filling, spinning, or drainage issues.
  • Removing peculiar odors.
  • Repairing malfunctioning lids or gates.
  • Switching out filters.

Should your AEG washing machine present difficulties, you can count on our seasoned experts for efficient solutions.

AEG Dryer Repair

The convenience of a dryer has often been chosen over the prolonged wait of air drying. While AEG dryers are a class apart, they aren’t immune to the occasional hiccup. Fortunately, our round-the-clock assistance means AEG dryer remedies are merely a dial away. Is your AEG dryer malfunctioning? Be it incomplete drying or peculiar odors, our adept crew is equipped to swiftly identify and correct the fault. Encountering any of these predicaments? We’re here:

  • Dryer starts but fails to rotate.
  • Odd sounds, vibrations, or intense scents.
  • Dryer runs but lacks warmth.
  • Clothes remain moist post-dry cycle.
  • Early termination of the drying process.
  • Total dryer malfunction.

For all gadget-linked concerns, our reliable professionals deliver top-notch AEG dryer solutions.

AEG Oven and Stove Repair

Owning an AEG stove means blending elegance with efficiency. More than just a sight for sore eyes, AEG ovens amplify your gastronomic adventures. Our services come with a full satisfaction guarantee, with specialists ever-ready to assist. Fancy cooking a cherished recipe but deterred by a non-operating oven or stove? Every AEG appliance, regardless of size or design, is cherished. Despite AEG cookery gadgets being built for long-lasting performance, even the best can sometimes hiccup. Our proficient crew promises to have you back to savoring home-made delicacies swiftly. For top-tier AEG oven or stove repairs and prompt solutions, reach out. If these issues sound familiar, we’re eager to assist:

  • Oven not reaching desired temperatures.
  • Variable cooking outcomes.
  • Grill oven challenges.
  • Non-operational oven indicators.
  • Oven door seal problems.
  • Unresponsive heating coils.
  • Components that remain active post shut-down.
  • Electrical fluctuations in oven sections.
  • Odd sounds on activation.

Our approachable client service is at your beck and call from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm, covering even weekends and holidays. For any AEG repair requirements, our seasoned experts are always on standby.

AEG Dishwasher Repair

AEG dishwashers epitomize streamlined kitchen performance. Be it a sudden leak, uncommon sounds, or any other glitch, our dedicated squad is ever-prepared. Staying true to our promise of swift services, we stand equipped to navigate every AEG dishwasher challenge, armed with an extensive parts catalogue for on-the-spot resolutions. Flaunting a contemporary aesthetic, AEG dishwashers meld effortlessly into diverse kitchen décors. Moreover, their energy-conserving blueprints ensure prime efficacy. On the hunt for a reliable AEG dishwasher repair squad in Toronto? Contact us should your AEG dishwasher manifest or demonstrate these symptoms:

  • Residual spots on utensils.
  • Odd sounds mid-cycle.
  • Water evacuation issues.
  • Reduced or absent water draw.
  • Electric inconsistencies.
  • Abrupt cycle halts.

Link up with us daily from 7 am to 9 pm. For those in Toronto and adjacent regions seeking AEG dishwasher expertise, our accredited crew is forever at the ready.

AEG Range Hood Repair

AEG range hoods marry unparalleled quality, eco-conscious designs, and avant-garde specifications, setting the tone for an impeccable kitchen ambiance. Whether you’re drawn to the chic chimney wall hood, the subtle downdraft vent, slide-out hoods, tailor-made insert hoods, or the chic allure of island hoods, AEG delivers. Trust our seasoned and certified pros to promptly rejuvenate your AEG hood to its zenith. Our service suite encompasses:

  • Range Hood Set-up
  • Filter and illuminant swaps, and routine upkeep
  • Comprehensive mendings
  • Motor switch-outs

Acknowledging your time’s value, our devoted AEG repair brigade is always on call.

AEG Microwave Oven Repair

AEG microwaves shine in versatility, catering to simple reheating tasks as well as sophisticated oven features like convection, automated cook modes, grilling, and staple microwave functions. Addressing a myriad of requirements, our offerings include setup, mending, and routine maintenance across diverse microwave models. AEG’s integrated microwaves, fashioned for precision and convenience, ideally supplement your wall oven ensemble. With roomy interiors and intuitive interfaces, gastronomic ventures become effortless. Opt for AEG’s revolutionary microwave ovens for multifaceted culinary operations, bolstered by swift in-built ventilation to banish steam and residual odors. The supplementary convection utility enables it to double-up as an auxiliary oven, all encased within a fuss-free stainless steel exterior. Facing snags with your microwave? Should these issues resonate, our proficient squad is primed to rehabilitate your AEG microwave:

  • Microwave failing to heat.
  • Stationary turntable.
  • Electric malfunctions.
  • Non-lit interiors.
  • Precocious power-offs.
  • Defiant control interface.

Reach out to us any day. Initiate a digital dialogue and anticipate prompt, proficient guidance.

AEG Gas Appliance Repair

Our proficiency in AEG gas appliance services stands unmatched, encompassing mends, maintenance, and installs. With nearly two decades in the gas sector, our know-how guarantees elite support. We’re adept with a broad array of AEG gas gadgets, spanning stoves, ovens, cooktops, to dryers. Have these issues caught your attention?

  • Evident gas aromas.
  • Diminished burner potency.
  • Sporadic functions.
  • Non-igniting cooktop components.
  • Ongoing cooktop ticking.
  • Audible flame disturbances.

Every expert in our team excels in AEG gas devices, proudly flashing their contemporary TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) accreditations. Their dedication is rooted in efficiently and adeptly addressing your dilemmas. By choosing our gas maestros, you’re investing in unmatched service that’s value for money.

Why Choose Electrolux Appliance Solutions?

Selecting the perfect appliance repair service amid a plethora of choices can seem like a Herculean task. Yet, Electrolux Appliance Solutions clearly delineates itself from the rest, thanks to its exclusive offerings. Here’s what defines us:

Swift Appliance Repair Service

In the world of appliance repair, time is of the essence, coupled with unerring accuracy. In line with this, Electrolux Appliance Solutions strategically places its skilled technicians across Toronto to ensure you have quick access to a professional, anytime, any day. Be it early morning or late night, weekends, or holidays, our crew is ready to assist. Catering to a vast array of appliances including refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, as well as cooktops and ovens, we pledge immediate and precise response at your time of need.

Accredited and Covered Experts

At the core of our services are trustworthiness and superior quality. We make it a point to include only certified and insured technicians in our team, further enhancing their skills with rigorous training. This approach equips them to identify and address issues promptly, reviving your appliance to its optimal state, a hallmark of the Electrolux experience!

Streamlined and Prompt Repairs

Dealing with a malfunctioning appliance can be stressful; we believe the repair process should not add to your worries. Electrolux champions a smooth and hassle-free repair process. Our specialists’ vehicles come loaded with an extensive range of commonly used premium brand spare parts, enabling most repairs to be concluded in the first visit, thus avoiding the hassle of follow-up appointments. For reliable, economical, and smooth repairs, Electrolux Appliance Solutions remains unrivaled.

Expanded Reach in Toronto and the GTA

We are excited to announce the extension of our revered appliance repair services across Toronto and the broader GTA area. To know more, feel free to reach out to our attentive Appliance Service Manager for any queries.

Transparent Pricing Structure

We firmly believe that open and honest financial dealings build trust. Living up to this principle, we provide our clients with a straightforward pricing structure, devoid of any hidden charges. This extends to all repairs, regardless of duration or the need for extra sessions, encompassing all within a single, predetermined fee. Whether you are grappling with refrigerator glitches, stubborn stoves, oven issues, or troubles with your dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, or microwave, our team is ready to serve. Opt for Electrolux and grant yourself the premier service you truly deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I guarantee the best repair for my Electrolux appliance?

Look no further! Our technicians, holding esteemed TSSA certifications, are at your service throughout the week, ensuring top-notch maintenance for any Electrolux device you own.

My Electrolux dryer isn’t starting. What might be the issue?

Trust in our team of experts, all of whom are factory-trained and boast TSSA certification. They specialize in pinpointing electrical issues and offer effective solutions. No matter if it’s a simple tweak or a component replacement, we’re here to assist.

How do I ensure my Electrolux refrigerator gets the right parts during repairs?

Fear not! Whether your refrigerator is an older model or one that’s no longer in production, we’re well-equipped. Our team is adept at sourcing the precise parts essential for smooth and effective repairs.

How do I determine a reasonable cost for my Electrolux washing machine’s repair?

Opting for our services means you’re engaging with TSSA-certified, factory-trained professionals. Our seasoned technicians excel in swiftly identifying appliance issues and securing the necessary components right away, ensuring both your time and finances are conserved. For a comprehensive understanding of our offerings or to book an appliance check-up, feel free to reach out.