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What ERROR CODES - Asko Oven and Stove Needs?

Asko Oven and Stove , like many modern appliances, are equipped with an error code system to alert users about potential problems with the Oven and Stove. While the specific error codes can vary depending on the model of your Asko Oven and Stove, here are some common error codes and what they generally indicate:

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Asko cooktops and ovens are known for precision cooking, but users have faced service issues related to heating inconsistencies or control malfunctions. Inconsistent cooking results can be frustrating, and delays in addressing these issues have been reported. Timely service appointments and efficient repairs are crucial to maintain a smoothly functioning kitchen.

O01: Oven Temperature Sensor Fault

The sensor monitoring the oven’s internal temperature is malfunctioning or sending inaccurate readings.

O02: Door Lock Mechanism Error

The oven door lock mechanism is either jammed or not working, possibly preventing the door from locking or unlocking properly.

O03: Heating Element Failure

One or more of the oven’s heating elements are not heating up to the desired temperature or not working at all.

O04: Fan Malfunction

The internal fan responsible for circulating hot air within the oven is not functioning correctly.

O05: Control Panel Unresponsive

The oven’s control panel is not responding to touch or button inputs.

O06: Broiler Element Issue

The broiler element located at the top of the oven isn’t reaching the desired temperature or isn’t working.

O07: Ignition Failure

For gas ovens, there’s a problem with the ignition system, preventing the oven or burners from lighting.

O08: Timer/Clock Malfunction

The built-in timer or clock is not keeping time accurately or not functioning.

O09: Self-Clean Function Error

The oven’s self-cleaning function is not working properly or not completing the cycle.

O10: Oven Light Issue

The internal light of the oven is not working, flickering, or is dimmer than expected.

O11: Convection Mode Error

The convection mode, which uses a fan to circulate air, is not operating as expected.

O12: Gas Leak Detected

Sensors indicate a potential gas leak from the oven or stove, posing a safety concern.

O13: Preheat Function Delay

The oven is taking longer than expected to preheat to the desired temperature.

O14: Uneven Cooking/Baking

Sensors or user feedback indicates that the oven isn’t cooking or baking evenly.

O15: Power Supply Issue

The oven is not receiving adequate power, leading to operational problems or complete shutdown.

O16: Grate Detection Error

The stove doesn’t recognize the position or presence of the grates, affecting burner function.

O17: Burner Flame Inconsistency

For gas stoves, one or more burners are producing uneven or unstable flames.

O18: Touchpad Calibration Error

The touchpad needs recalibration or isn’t registering touches accurately.

O19: Internal Fan Overheating

Sensors detect that the internal fan’s temperature is exceeding safe levels.

O20: Warming Drawer Malfunction

If equipped, the warming drawer isn’t maintaining the set temperature or isn’t functioning.

O21: Power Surge Detected

The oven’s internal systems detected a power surge which could impact its functions.

O22: Internal Memory Error

The oven is experiencing issues with its internal memory, potentially affecting stored settings or timers.

O23: Calibration Error

Internal systems responsible for calibrating heat settings are malfunctioning.

O24: Overheating Warning

The oven is hotter than the set temperature, which may indicate a malfunctioning thermostat or heating element.

O25: Oven Door Seal Deterioration

The oven door seal shows signs of wear, which can cause heat loss or uneven cooking.

O26: Sabbath Mode Error

The oven’s Sabbath mode, if available, isn’t functioning as intended.

O27: Delayed Start Issue

The oven’s delayed start feature isn’t working or isn’t starting at the preset time.

O28: Interior Coating Damage

The protective coating inside the oven is chipping or wearing away, potentially affecting cooking or cleaning.

O29: Humidity Sensor Error

For ovens with a humidity or steam feature, the sensors aren’t working correctly or are sending inaccurate readings.

O30: Wi-Fi Connectivity Fault

For smart ovens, there’s a problem establishing or maintaining a connection to the Wi-Fi network.

O31: Probe Temperature Inconsistency

The temperature probe, if available, isn’t measuring or reporting temperatures accurately.

O32: Safety Lock Malfunction

The safety lock feature is not engaging or disengaging correctly.

O33: Error Reading User Preferences

The oven’s system is having trouble accessing or recalling saved user settings or cooking profiles.

O34: Pyrolytic Cleaning Issue

The oven’s pyrolytic cleaning cycle is not functioning properly or isn’t completing the cycle.

O35: Roasting Mode Fault

The oven’s roasting mode is not maintaining the set temperature or cooking food evenly.

O36: Steam Injection Failure

For ovens with a steam injection feature, the system isn’t adding steam at the right times or in the right amounts.

O37: Display Brightness Error

The oven’s display isn’t maintaining the set brightness or is flickering.

O38: Child Safety Mode Issue

The child safety mode isn’t activating or deactivating correctly.

O39: Firmware Update Failure

There was an issue updating the oven’s firmware or the process was interrupted.

O40: Rapid Preheat Inefficiency

The oven’s rapid preheat feature isn’t reaching the set temperature in the expected time frame.

O41: Auto Shut-off Error

The oven’s auto shut-off feature, designed for safety, isn’t working or the oven stays on past the set time.

O42: Control Panel Reset Failure

Attempts to reset the control panel either do not work or result in further malfunctions.

O43: Gas Flow Inconsistency

Gas flow to the burners is uneven or interrupted, affecting cooking performance.

O44: Grill Function Malfunction

The grill or broiler function is not heating up or maintaining the required temperature.

O45: Touchscreen Responsiveness Error

The oven’s touchscreen interface is not responding or registers incorrect inputs.

O46: Cooling Fan Error

The oven’s cooling fan, which prevents overheating of external surfaces, is not working properly.

O47: Electrical Wiring Fault

Internal sensors detect potential issues with the oven’s electrical wiring or connections.

O48: Energy Saving Mode Fault

The oven’s energy-saving mode isn’t operating as intended, leading to higher energy consumption.

O49: Gas Conversion Error

Issues detected with the conversion between natural gas and propane (or vice-versa).

O50: Oven Rack Recognition Fault

The oven fails to recognize the position or type of oven rack inserted.

O51: Backup Battery Low

The oven’s backup battery, used to maintain settings during power outages, is low or depleted.

O52: Circuit Overload

Too many components or systems are drawing power simultaneously, risking a circuit overload.

O53: Heat Distribution Problem

Heat is not being evenly distributed inside the oven, leading to hotspots or uneven cooking.

O54: Moisture Detection Error

Excessive moisture or steam is detected inside the oven chamber, potentially affecting cooking results.

O55: Interface Language Error

The oven’s interface encounters issues when switching between languages or displays incorrect translations.

O56: Rotisserie Motor Fault

If equipped with a rotisserie, the motor is not turning or malfunctions during operation.

O57: Oven Base Detection Error

The oven fails to detect the presence or correct placement of its base or drip tray.

O58: System Overheat Warning

Internal systems or components are operating at higher temperatures than safety parameters allow.

O59: User Profile Load Failure

The oven is unable to load or access saved user profiles, affecting personalized cooking settings.

O60: External Ventilation Issue

If externally vented, the oven detects obstructions or issues with the ventilation system.

O61: Oven Light Malfunction

The internal light of the oven isn’t working, making it difficult to monitor the cooking process.

O62: Self-Cleaning Cycle Incomplete

The oven’s self-cleaning cycle didn’t complete as expected, possibly due to a malfunction or interruption.

O63: Base Heating Element Issue

The bottom heating element is not reaching the expected temperatures, affecting the oven’s baking capabilities.

O64: Internal Sensor Misalignment

One or more internal sensors are misaligned, potentially causing inaccurate readings or malfunctions.

O65: Door Hinge Weakness

The oven’s door hinges are showing signs of wear, potentially affecting the door’s sealing or safety.

O66: Sound Alert Malfunction

The oven isn’t emitting sounds or alarms as expected, affecting user notifications for cooking times or errors.

O67: Heating Delay Detected

The oven takes longer than usual to reach the desired temperature, indicating a possible heating element issue.

O68: External Surface Overheat

The external surfaces of the oven are hotter than expected, posing a burn risk.

O69: Internal Timer Discrepancy

The oven’s internal timer is showing discrepancies, potentially leading to overcooked or undercooked meals.

O70: Function Selector Error

Issues are detected when selecting different oven functions, with some modes potentially not activating as intended.

O71: Air Circulation Inefficiency

The oven’s air circulation system isn’t working efficiently, leading to potential uneven cooking.

O72: Gas Ignition Delay

If gas-powered, the oven’s ignition system takes longer than expected to light up, indicating potential issues with the igniter or gas flow.

O73: User Interface Freezing

The oven’s user interface becomes unresponsive or freezes intermittently.

O74: Power Interruption Recovery Error

After a power interruption, the oven fails to recover its previous state or settings.

O75: Door Latch Detection Fault

The oven cannot detect if the door latch is securely in place, potentially affecting cooking or safety functions.

O76: Software Incompatibility Warning

The oven’s software detects potential incompatibilities with some hardware components.

O77: Warming Drawer Malfunction

If equipped with a warming drawer, the drawer is not maintaining the desired temperature or not functioning.

O78: Sensor Calibration Loss

The oven’s internal sensors have lost their calibration and might require recalibration for accurate temperature measurements.

O79: Backup Settings Restoration Failed

Attempts to restore the oven settings from backup memory have failed.

O80: User Manual Access Error

The oven, if equipped with a digital user manual, is unable to access or display the manual correctly.

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