Common Problems That You May Experience With Your Oven At Home

Oct 20, 2022, 18:51pm

The oven is a home appliance that helps make cooking a great experience. This cooking appliance needs to be properly maintained for effective performance. Poor maintenance is one of the major reasons why the appliance fails to perform effectively at certain points. Ovens are quite expensive and the last thing you may want is ending up with a damaged oven. The repair cost may be too much or even the equivalent of buying a new one. By taking into account some of the problems that you experience with the oven while at home, you can be able to make a better choice regarding the cooking appliance repair.

Overheating problem


Common Problems That You May Experience With Your Oven At Home

An overheating problem in the oven is a result of three aspects that include the igniter, baking element and broil element. When the oven igniter weakens with time, it affects the ability of the gas valve to open. Temperature problems result when the igniter is unable to open the gas valve optimally. This causes the oven to cool down at a faster rate before the burner ignites again.

Near the bottom of the oven is a black tube that is as thick as a pencil. This is referred to as the bake element. It is important to observe the bake element from time to time because it affects heating in the oven. If the element is glowing red hot, it is a clear sign that it is operating well. However, when there seems to be heating problems, the element may have burned out long ago.

You can test the bake element with an Ohm meter to examine continuity. If there is continuity, it is doing well. If there is no continuity, you need to replace it. To test the performance of the broiler element, you can use the same procedure for bake element and make replacement if it is defective. For complicated cases, you should seek gas oven repair services in Toronto.

Constantly running fans in the oven

Ovens usually have a control board with relays that regulate the power going through baking, broil and fan circuits. A short-out in any of these relays causes the control board to release continuous voltage to fans. The other major reason why you may have constantly running oven fans is thermostat performance. Ovens have a high limit thermostat that directs voltage to the fan as the oven gains heat. A defective high limit thermostat will keep directing voltage to the fan even though the oven has cooled down. The best way to determine if the high limit thermostat is defective is by using a multi-meter. When you test the thermostat continuity, you will be able to figure out whether it is at fault or not.

The oven light is off

When you seem to have lighting problems in the oven, you need to make replacement to the entire lighting assembly of the oven. The good thing about light assembly components is that they are available as a unit and not separately. The other problem that may cause lighting problem in the oven is defective bulbs. You can test the bulb to see if it is okay or defective before making a replacement.

The oven makes cooking a wonderful experience. However, if it fails to perform effectively it only leaves you feeling frustrated. On many occasions, people are tempted to fix oven issues when they stop working. There are simple cases that you can handle by yourself but it is always advisable to get professional help when you want oven repair services. Though it may cost money, you will be able to eradicate your oven problems for good!