How to Change the Blade in a SEB ActiFry Fryer

Aug 06, 2023, 17:59pm

On an SEB Actifry fryer, the stirring paddle is used to stir the food and evenly spread the applied oil. This can therefore contribute to uniform cooking of the food in the fryer: fries, vegetables, meat, etc.

The manipulation to remove a defective stirring blade (cracked or broken) on a SEB Actifry fryer is quite simple. In fact, all you need to do is:

  • remove the stirring paddle
  • replace the stirring blade.

The principle of replacing the stirring blade will be similar on other models or other brands of fryers. Just be sure to replace it with one compatible with your fryer model.

The stirring paddle is inside the SEB Actifry fryer. It occupies the central place of the cooking tank.

SEB ActiFry Fryers are popular kitchen appliances designed to cook food with less oil than traditional fryers. They rely on a rotating blade or paddle to stir the food, ensuring an even cook. Over time, this blade may become worn or damaged and need replacement. Here’s a simple guide on how to change the blade in a SEB ActiFry Fryer:

Disclaimer: Always unplug your ActiFry Fryer before starting any maintenance task to prevent electric shock or accidental injury. If you’re uncomfortable working with appliances, consider seeking professional help.

How to Change the Blade in a SEB ActiFry Fryer

Part 1: Preparing the Fryer

Step 1: Cool Down and Unplug: Always ensure the fryer is completely cool and unplugged before starting. This helps prevent accidental burns or electric shock.

Step 2: Remove the Cooking Pan: Open the lid of the fryer and remove the cooking pan by lifting it upwards. The pan should come out smoothly.

Part 2: Removing the Old Blade

Step 3: Access the Blade: With the cooking pan removed, you should see the blade or paddle inside. The blade is typically in the center of the pan.

Step 4: Remove the Blade: The blade of the SEB ActiFry Fryer is usually secured with a clip. Push or pull the clip (as per your model’s instruction manual), and the blade should come free. Lift it out of the pan and set it aside.

How to Change the Blade in a SEB ActiFry Fryer

Part 3: Installing the New Blade

Step 5: Position the New Blade: Take your new blade and position it in the center of the cooking pan. Ensure it is aligned correctly as per the instruction manual of your specific ActiFry model.

Step 6: Secure the Blade: Push down on the blade until it clicks into place. The clip should lock the blade securely, but it should still be able to rotate freely. This allows the blade to stir food efficiently during cooking.

Part 4: Reassembling the Fryer

Step 7: Reinstall the Cooking Pan: Place the cooking pan back into the fryer. Make sure it fits securely and the blade is positioned correctly inside.

Step 8: Test the Blade: Close the lid, plug the fryer back in, and turn it on without any food inside. Observe the blade to ensure it rotates smoothly and freely. If it does, you have successfully changed the blade.


Replacing the blade on a SEB ActiFry Fryer is a relatively simple process that can greatly improve the appliance’s functionality. It’s important to maintain your kitchen appliances and replace parts when necessary, not only to keep them running efficiently, but also to ensure your food is cooked properly. Always consult your user manual for specific instructions related to your model, and don’t hesitate to call a professional if you’re unsure. Your ActiFry Fryer will continue serving you deliciously fried food with the right care and maintenance.