How to Change the Buttons and Dial of a Steamer Plant

Aug 03, 2023, 15:34pm

The steam station has an iron and a separate tank, the iron has an integrated tank. Depending on your appliance, there are more or fewer buttons used to control the appliance: turn on the iron, choose a programme, a temperature, … Nevertheless, the method for replacing switches and dials is the same regardless of the type of device.

After many uses and many presses, the switches and dials can wear out or break. You can then replace them and always with an equivalent model or one recommended by the manufacturer of the device.

Replace the buttons if you notice that there is no reaction when pressed, the wheel spins freely, or there is no “click” when pressing the button.

This page shows you how to replace the following items:

  • The main switch (on / off)
  • The temperature adjustment knob
  • The button that manages the steam
  • The indicator light that indicates a problem
  • On a simple iron, all the buttons are located on or below the handle.
  • On a steam generator, it is found on the iron as well as on the base.

How to Change the Buttons and Dial of a Steamer Plant


  • If you want to replace the switch on your steam generator, remove the iron and the tank, if it is removable.
  • Locate the screws attached to the bottom of the device and unscrew them. You can now remove the upper part of the device.
  • Remember to take a picture of the connections to put them back correctly on the new part. Disconnect all the connectors connected to the switch, then remove it from its location.
  • Obtain an identical switch to replace the defective part. Locate on it the flat (small flat rod that serves as a mistake-proofing) and the slot on the base. Place the switch in its location respecting this flat.
  • Take your photo again and reconnect the wires to the switch.
  • Finally, put the upper part of the device back on and screw it back on.


  • Turn the dial to the maximum side of your choice. You have to find a remarkable point to put the news later in the right place. Remember the position of the joystick, possibly take a photo.
  • Using a flat screwdriver, pry under the wheel to gently lift it.
  • Get an identical wheel so as not to have any unpleasant surprises during operation. Replace the new part respecting the position in which the old wheel was removed.

How to Change the Buttons and Dial of a Steamer Plant


  • This switch is placed in the handle. It is therefore necessary to unscrew the upper iron part as well as the handle.
  • Locate the support that holds the cable that manages the arrival of steam and remove it.
  • Disconnect the steam hose and remove the spring and the trigger.
  • Reposition the trigger, identical to the old one, in its lugs. Don’t forget to replace the spring.
  • Replace the “steam” button and its support.
  • You can now reassemble the device.


  • Unscrew the back of the iron and remove the cover.
  • Take a picture of the wiring so you can reproduce it after replacing the LED.
  • Release the diode from its support and unscrew the two power supply wires from the LED.
  • Remove the faulty light and replace it with an identical part. Put the wires back into the binding post (domino) as they were on the old light.
  • Finally, replace the diode in its housing and reassemble the device.