How to Change the Direct Drive Motor of a Washing Machine

Jul 10, 2023, 16:55pm

A Direct Drive motor is a direct drive motor. It allows the drum to spin.

This type of motor has the advantage of making less noise, reducing the vibrations produced by the washing machine and requiring little maintenance.

The motor must be changed when an error code SE, CE or LE is displayed on the control screen. These codes indicate a fault related to this element.

These error codes refer to different things:

  1. SE or 5E refers to a tachometer problem. You must check the following elements: tachometer (located on the engine base), the wiring. Finally, check and replace the card if necessary.
  2. CE indicates a malfunction with the engine. You must then check its condition and check that it is not short-circuited. A short circuit can cause a major safety concern. Finally, check and replace if necessary the card and the wiring. For this type of manipulation, do not make the mistake of forgetting to unplug the device.
  3. LE informs of a problem with the engine of the machine. You must check the items in the following list: the windings, the connector, the wiring. Finally, check and replace the plate if necessary.

The motor is located in the interior part, at the back of your washing machine. It consists of a stator (static part made up of a coil creating an electric field) behind a rotor (moving part that rotates).

The direct drive motor in a washing machine is a crucial component that powers the drum’s rotation and ensures efficient washing performance. Over time, the motor may wear out or develop faults, leading to issues such as a malfunctioning drum or unusual noises during operation. If you suspect that the direct drive motor in your washing machine needs to be replaced, it is important to follow the proper steps to ensure a successful replacement. Changing the direct drive motor requires technical knowledge and the use of appropriate tools. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to change the direct drive motor of a washing machine.

How to Change the Direct Drive Motor of a Washing MachineSafety Precautions

Before starting any repair work on your washing machine, it is essential to prioritize safety. Always unplug the machine from the power source and ensure it is completely powered off before attempting any repairs. Additionally, ensure you are working in a well-lit area and wear protective gloves to prevent injury.

Tools Required

To change the direct drive motor of a washing machine, you will need the following tools:

  • Screwdriver set (Phillips or Torx, depending on your machine)
  • Pliers
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Towels or rags (to protect the floor and clean up any spills)

Steps to Change the Direct Drive Motor

Follow these steps to change the direct drive motor of a washing machine:

Step 1: Unplug the Washing Machine

Ensure the washing machine is disconnected from the power source by unplugging it from the wall socket.

Step 2: Access the Direct Drive Motor

The direct drive motor is typically located at the bottom of the washing machine, underneath the drum or near the back panel. Refer to your washing machine’s user manual or search online for specific information about the location of the direct drive motor in your particular model.

Step 3: Remove the Back or Side Panel

Remove any covers, panels, or components that obstruct access to the direct drive motor. This may involve removing the back panel or a portion of the machine’s casing. Take caution and follow safety guidelines while removing components to prevent damage or injury.

Step 4: Disconnect the Motor Wiring

Identify the electrical connections on the direct drive motor. Carefully disconnect the wires connected to the motor, taking note of their positions or using a marker to label them for proper reconnection later. Some motors may also have a grounding wire that needs to be disconnected.

Step 5: Remove the Drive Belt

Using pliers or an adjustable wrench, release the tension on the drive belt by loosening the belt tensioning mechanism. Once the belt is loose, carefully remove it from the motor pulley.

Step 6: Detach the Motor Mounting Bolts

Using a screwdriver or appropriate tool, remove the bolts or fasteners that secure the direct drive motor to the washing machine’s frame. Take note of the number and position of the bolts for proper reassembly.

Step 7: Remove the Faulty Motor

Carefully lift and remove the faulty direct drive motor from its mounting position. Take note of any additional components attached to the motor, such as mounting brackets or support structures, and remove them as necessary.

Step 8: Install the New Direct Drive Motor

Take the new direct drive motor and align it with the mounting position in the washing machine. Ensure it fits snugly and aligns properly with the drive belt and pulley system. Attach any additional components, such as mounting brackets, as necessary.

Step 9: Secure the Motor Mounting Bolts

Using the appropriate tool, insert and tighten the motor mounting bolts or fasteners to secure the new direct drive motor in place. Ensure the motor is stable and properly aligned with the pulley system.

Step 10: Reconnect the Motor Wiring

Reconnect the electrical wires to the corresponding terminals on the new direct drive motor. Ensure the wires are properly positioned and securely attached. Reconnect any grounding wire as well.

Step 11: Reassemble the Washing Machine

Once you have completed the direct drive motor replacement, reassemble any covers, panels, or components you removed earlier to access the motor. Use the appropriate screws or fasteners to secure these components back in place.

How to Change the Direct Drive Motor of a Washing MachineStep 12: Test the Machine

Plug your washing machine back into the power source. Run a test cycle to ensure that the new direct drive motor operates smoothly and powers the drum’s rotation effectively. Listen for any unusual noises or vibrations during the operation.

If you encounter any persistent problems or suspect a fault with the direct drive motor despite the replacement, it is recommended to consult a professional appliance repair technician or contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

In conclusion, changing the direct drive motor of a washing machine is a task that requires technical knowledge and attention to detail. By following these steps and using the appropriate tools, you can successfully replace a faulty direct drive motor and restore proper functionality to your washing machine. Always refer to your washing machine’s user manual for specific instructions and guidelines, as different models may have slight variations in the direct drive motor replacement process. Regular maintenance and prompt motor replacement will help ensure the optimal performance of your washing machine and efficient rotation of the drum during operation.


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