How to Change the Ice Tray in an American Refrigerator

Jul 30, 2023, 14:53pm

Your refrigerator’s ice cube tray makes it easy to get ice for drinks and more.

You may need to change the ice cube tray of your American fridge if:

  • Cracks are present due to frost
  • The tank is completely broken
  • You can no longer turn the ice cube tray to empty it into the receptacle.
  • The defrosting of the device was not done correctly.

The ice cube tray is located inside the appliance.

Replacing the ice tray in an American refrigerator is a relatively simple process, but knowing how to do it properly can help you avoid potential damage to your appliance. Whether your ice tray has been damaged or it’s just time for an upgrade, here’s a step-by-step guide to changing it.

How to Change the Ice Tray in an American Refrigerator

Tools You’ll Need:

  • New ice tray

Make sure the new ice tray is compatible with your refrigerator model. Check your refrigerator’s manual or the manufacturer’s website to ensure you’ve got the correct part.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Switch Off the Ice Maker

First, you’ll want to turn off your refrigerator’s ice maker to prevent it from attempting to fill the ice tray while you’re changing it. This is usually as simple as lifting a wire arm or flipping a switch, but the exact method will depend on your specific refrigerator model.

Step 2: Empty the Ice Bin

To prevent a mess, empty the ice bin before removing the old ice tray. You can store the ice temporarily in a cooler or simply discard it if you don’t need it.

Step 3: Remove the Ice Bin

The ice bin typically lifts straight out, but you might need to pull it towards you or wiggle it slightly to free it from its place. Be gentle to avoid breaking any plastic components.

Step 4: Remove the Old Ice Tray

Once the ice bin is out, you can access the ice tray. Depending on your refrigerator model, the tray may simply lift out, or there may be a release button or latch that you need to press.

How to Change the Ice Tray in an American Refrigerator

Step 5: Insert the New Ice Tray

Insert the new ice tray into the slot where the old one was removed. It should slide in easily and click into place. Ensure it’s secure and properly positioned so that water from the ice maker can fill it correctly.

Step 6: Replace the Ice Bin

Replace the ice bin in the refrigerator, making sure it’s correctly positioned so that the ice maker can deposit ice into it.

Step 7: Turn On the Ice Maker

Turn the ice maker back on. It should begin to fill the new ice tray with water.

Step 8: Check the New Ice Tray

After a couple of hours, check the ice tray to ensure that it’s correctly making ice. If it’s not, there may be an issue with how the tray is positioned or a problem with the ice maker itself.


While changing the ice tray in an American refrigerator is a relatively simple task, it’s important to take care when removing and replacing components to avoid causing any damage. As always, if you feel unsure about any part of the process, it’s a good idea to consult a professional. Enjoy your fresh and clean ice!