How to Fix a Flashing Oven Display

Jul 28, 2023, 17:15pm

It is possible that one day you will encounter a display problem on your oven. If it flashes or if there are horizontal lines on the display, then it is a common electrical fault.

To solve this problem, you just need to make some small adjustments so that your device is again in working order.

A properly functioning display on your oven is crucial for optimal control and performance. Whether you’re setting the temperature or the timer, a clear and stable display makes the task easier. However, when the oven display starts flashing, it can be more than a little disconcerting. This article will delve into some possible reasons behind a flashing oven display and suggest methods to rectify this issue.

How to Fix a Flashing Oven Display

Understanding the Problem

A flashing oven display can present in a few ways: the entire display might be blinking, only certain segments could be flashing, or the display might be flickering erratically. While this issue might seem mostly annoying, it can also interfere with your ability to properly use your oven.

Potential Causes and Solutions

1. Power Fluctuations

If there has recently been a power outage, surge, or even a brownout, this might cause your oven’s display to flash. Power fluctuations can disrupt the normal functioning of the oven’s control board.

Solution: A simple reset can often fix this issue. Disconnect your oven from the power supply, either by unplugging it or switching off the relevant circuit breaker, and leave it disconnected for about a minute. When you reconnect the oven, the control board should reset, potentially resolving the flashing display issue.

2. Faulty Control Board

The control board is essentially the brain of your oven, and it’s also responsible for operating the display. If the control board is faulty, this could cause your oven’s display to flash.

Solution: If a power reset doesn’t fix the issue, and especially if the oven is showing other signs of a faulty control board (like erratic temperature control or not responding to button presses), you might need a professional appliance repair technician to diagnose and possibly replace the control board.

3. Incompatible Replacement Parts

If the flashing issue started after a part of the oven, like the control board or display unit, was replaced, the new part might not be compatible with your specific oven model.

Solution: Always ensure that replacement parts are compatible with your oven model. If an incompatible part has been installed, it will need to be replaced with the correct part.

4. Outdated Firmware

In some smart ovens, the firmware (the software that controls the oven’s functions) might be outdated, causing the display to flash.

Solution: If your oven has smart features, check to see if there’s a firmware update available. The user manual or the manufacturer’s website can guide you on how to update your oven’s firmware.


If your oven displays horizontal lines or flashes, it has a display problem. To eliminate this anomaly, the first thing to do is to dismantle the front panels of the device.

  • If you have a built-in oven, remove it from its place.
  • For this step you will need a screwdriver. Remove one by one the screws holding each front panel in place.
  • Start by removing the top front of the oven. Then remove the back cover.

You should now be able to access the device’s wiring.

How to Fix a Flashing Oven Display


  • After you have removed the 2 front panels, proceed to check the power wires.
  • At this point, make sure there is no play between them and the mounting screws by lightly pulling on them.
  • If they are, you need to tighten the screws with a screwdriver.
  • Finally, fully reassemble the device before reconnecting it.

Your display should work properly again. Now you know how to fix the oven when its display is flashing.

In conclusion, a flashing oven display can usually be attributed to power fluctuations, a faulty control board, incompatible replacement parts, or outdated firmware. While some of these issues can be resolved at home, others might require professional intervention. If in doubt, it’s always safest to consult a professional technician who can accurately diagnose and fix the problem, restoring clarity and stability to your oven’s display. Proper resolution of this issue can ensure that you have precise control over your cooking, and it can extend the lifespan of your appliance.