How to Maintain and Descale a Steamer with White Vinegar

Aug 03, 2023, 17:01pm

Descale the steam generator 5 to 10 times a year depending on how you use it. This helps extend the life of your device. For maintenance, white vinegar is an excellent ally.

Descale the steam generator if:

  • the soleplate of the iron leaves traces on your clothes;
  • the steam generator produces poor quality steam.

Descale the water tank of the steam generator, the steam generator or boiler and the soleplate of the appliance.

A steamer is a handy tool for removing wrinkles from clothes, sanitizing surfaces, or adding humidity to a room. Like any appliance, it needs regular maintenance to stay in top shape. One of the most important tasks is descaling, which involves removing the mineral deposits left by water. White vinegar is a common household item that’s perfect for this job due to its acidic nature. In this article, we’ll guide you through maintaining your steamer and using white vinegar to descale it.

How to Maintain and Descale a Steamer with White Vinegar

Maintenance of a Steamer

1. Regular Cleaning:

Dirt, dust, or lint can often get stuck in the steamers, reducing its effectiveness. Clean the exterior of your steamer regularly with a damp cloth and mild soap. Be sure to unplug the device first and ensure it’s completely dry before using it again.

2. Empty After Use:

After each use, empty the water reservoir. Leaving water in it can promote the growth of mold or mildew and accelerate the build-up of mineral deposits.

3. Inspect Regularly:

Check your steamer regularly for signs of wear or damage. Pay special attention to the cord, plug, and attachments. If you spot any problems, consult the user manual or contact a professional.

4. Store Correctly:

When not in use, store your steamer in a cool, dry place. Avoid wrapping the cord tightly around the device to prevent damage.

Descaling a Steamer with White Vinegar

1. Prepare the Solution:

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and distilled water. The amount of solution you need depends on the size of your steamer’s reservoir.

2. Fill the Reservoir:

Pour the solution into the steamer’s water reservoir. Make sure not to exceed the maximum fill line.

3. Heat Up the Steamer:

Plug in the steamer and turn it on, allowing it to heat up and start producing steam.

How to Maintain and Descale a Steamer with White Vinegar

4. Release the Steam:

Once the steamer starts producing steam, let it run until about half of the vinegar solution has been used up. The steam released will carry the vinegar through the appliance, breaking down the mineral deposits.

5. Let it Soak:

Turn off the steamer and unplug it. Allow the remaining vinegar solution to sit in the steamer for about 30 minutes to an hour. This will give it more time to break down any stubborn deposits.

6. Rinse Thoroughly:

After soaking, empty the vinegar solution from the water reservoir. Rinse the reservoir thoroughly with distilled water to remove any vinegar residue.

7. Repeat if Necessary:

If you still notice mineral deposits after the first descaling, you may need to repeat the process.


Regular maintenance and descaling of your steamer can extend its life and maintain its effectiveness. White vinegar is a safe and natural way to descale your appliance, helping to remove mineral deposits that can hinder its performance. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance and cleaning, and never hesitate to consult a professional if you’re unsure. With proper care, your steamer can serve you well for years to come.