How to Test and Change the On-Off Button of a Dishwasher

Jul 18, 2023, 18:26pm

The on/off button (or switch) allows, as its name suggests, to turn the dishwasher on or off. It is found on almost all models.

With use, this button can wear out, so it must be replaced. Testing and changing this part is very simple and is similar for all button types.

You can replace this part if you notice that the button does not react, and your dishwasher does not turn on or off.

The switch and buttons are located on the control panel, on the upper part of the dishwasher door.

The on-off button of your dishwasher plays a crucial role in starting and stopping the appliance. Over time, this button may become faulty or unresponsive, preventing you from effectively operating your dishwasher. If you’re experiencing issues with the on-off button, it may be necessary to test and potentially replace it. In this article, we will guide you through the process of testing and changing the on-off button of a dishwasher.

How to Test and Change the On-Off Button of a Dishwasher

Testing the On-Off Button

Before replacing the on-off button, it’s important to determine whether it is indeed the cause of the problem. Follow these steps to test the on-off button:

  1. Disconnect the Dishwasher: Ensure that the dishwasher is unplugged or disconnected from its power source to avoid any electrical accidents.
  2. Access the Control Panel: Locate the control panel on your dishwasher. This is typically located on the front of the appliance, above or near the door.
  3. Remove the Control Panel Cover: Depending on the model of your dishwasher, you may need to remove the control panel cover to access the on-off button. This can usually be done by removing a few screws or clips.
  4. Inspect the Wiring: Carefully inspect the wiring connections leading to the on-off button. Look for any loose or damaged wires that may be affecting the button’s functionality. If you notice any issues, it may be necessary to repair or replace the wiring.
  5. Use a Multimeter: Set your multimeter to the continuity or resistance testing mode. Touch the probes of the multimeter to the terminals of the on-off button. If there is continuity or the resistance reading changes when the button is pressed, the button is working fine. If there is no change or if the multimeter shows no continuity, it indicates a faulty button that needs to be replaced.

Changing the On-Off Button

If you have determined that the on-off button is faulty and needs to be replaced, follow these steps to change it:

  1. Order the Replacement Part: Obtain a replacement on-off button that is compatible with your dishwasher’s make and model. You can typically find this part at an appliance repair store or order it online.
  2. Disconnect the Dishwasher: Ensure the dishwasher is completely disconnected from its power source.
  3. Access the Control Panel: Remove the control panel cover as described in the testing section.
  4. Disconnect the Old Button: Carefully disconnect the wiring connections from the old on-off button. Take note of the wire placement or take a photo for reference when connecting the new button.
  5. Remove the Old Button: Depending on the design of your dishwasher, the old button may be attached with screws, clips, or adhesive. Remove the old button from the control panel, taking care not to damage the panel or surrounding components.
  6. Install the New Button: Attach the new on-off button to the control panel following the manufacturer’s instructions. Secure it in place with screws, clips, or adhesive as required.
  7. Reconnect the Wiring: Connect the wires to the corresponding terminals on the new on-off button, ensuring they are secure and properly aligned.
  8. Test the New Button: Reconnect the dishwasher to its power source and test the functionality of the new on-off button. Press the button to start and stop the dishwasher, ensuring it responds correctly.
  9. Reassemble the Control Panel: Once the button is functioning properly, reassemble the control panel cover, ensuring it is securely fastened.

How to Test and Change the On-Off Button of a Dishwasher

If you are unsure about replacing the on-off button yourself or if you encounter any difficulties during the process, it is recommended to consult a professional appliance technician. They have the expertise and tools necessary to safely and effectively replace the button.

By following these steps, you can test and change the on-off button of your dishwasher, restoring its functionality and ensuring smooth operation. Remember to prioritize safety throughout the process by disconnecting the dishwasher from its power source and taking necessary precautions to avoid electrical accidents.