How to Test the Temperature Probe of a Beer Dispenser

Aug 07, 2023, 13:16pm

You may need to replace your beer dispenser probe if you experience any of these issues:

  • the beer dispenser no longer cools or the beer coming out is too hot;
  • the outgoing beer is too cold.

You may be able to test your device’s temperature sensor with a multimeter and consider replacing it, depending on the type of sensor your device has.

On most beer taps, the temperature sensor is located next to the bottom of the keg.

The beer dispenser has revolutionized how beer is served, offering the convenience and quality of a well-poured pint right at home or in your business. Critical to this operation is the temperature probe, a device that monitors and helps maintain the ideal beer temperature. However, if you notice your beer isn’t being dispensed at the perfect chill, you might have an issue with the temperature probe. This article will guide you on how to test the temperature probe of your beer dispenser.

Disclaimer: As with any electrical device, safety should be your first concern. Always disconnect power before beginning any testing or maintenance. If you’re unsure about these steps, it’s best to hire a professional.

How to Test the Temperature Probe of a Beer Dispenser

Identifying Signs of a Faulty Temperature Probe

Before testing the temperature probe, it’s beneficial to recognize the signs of a faulty one:

  • The beer is dispensed too warm or too cold, despite the settings.
  • The temperature reading (if your dispenser has a digital display) fluctuates erratically or doesn’t match the beer’s actual temperature.

Testing the Temperature Probe

If you’ve noticed the above symptoms, it’s time to test the probe. The common tool used for this task is a multimeter, an electronic measuring instrument that combines several measurement functions in one unit.

  1. Disconnect the dispenser: Unplug the beer dispenser to ensure safety during the procedure.
  2. Locate the temperature probe: The probe is usually found near the cooling system or in the main compartment of the dispenser. Consult your user manual if you have trouble locating it.
  3. Disconnect the probe: The temperature probe is typically connected to the dispenser’s control board via wires. Carefully disconnect these wires.
  4. Measure resistance: Set your multimeter to measure resistance (ohms). Connect the multimeter probes to the wire terminals of the temperature probe. A functioning probe should give a resistance reading, often between 1,000 and 2,000 ohms, but this can vary based on the probe’s design and the ambient temperature. If the reading is far outside this range or there’s no reading at all, the probe is likely faulty. Consult your dispenser’s manual or the probe’s datasheet for the expected resistance values.
  5. Measure resistance at different temperatures: For a more thorough test, you could check the probe’s resistance at different temperatures. Using a bowl of ice water and a bowl of hot water, immerse the probe (but not the wires or connectors) in each and measure the resistance. A working probe should show a noticeable difference in resistance between the two temperatures.

If your temperature probe fails these tests, it will need replacing.

How to Test the Temperature Probe of a Beer Dispenser

Replacing the Temperature Probe

  1. Order a new probe: Ensure you have the right replacement probe for your specific beer dispenser model.
  2. Remove the old probe: Depending on the model, you may need to unscrew or simply pull out the old probe after disconnecting it.
  3. Install the new probe: Insert the new probe in the same location as the old one, and reconnect it to the control board using the same wires.
  4. Test the dispenser: Plug in your beer dispenser and monitor the temperature over a few hours or a few days to ensure it’s working correctly. Your beer should now be dispensed at the perfect temperature!


A functional temperature probe is key to a beer dispenser’s performance, ensuring your brew is served at the ideal temperature every time. Knowing how to test the temperature probe is a valuable skill in maintaining your dispenser. However, when in doubt, always consult with a professional to avoid any unnecessary risk or damage. Enjoy your perfectly chilled beer!