Why Does My Steamer Have a Flashing Light?

Aug 03, 2023, 16:41pm

The steam generator will produce 5 times more steam than a traditional iron. Steam is a key element for effective ironing, as it softens the fibers of the garment and prevents it from creasing. The more steam the iron generates, the faster and more efficient the ironing will be. The steam generator is therefore a very efficient household appliance. Although it is more bulky than the normal iron, it is more manageable and has more functions.

It is not uncommon for failures to occur on such a powerful device. These breakdowns can relate to a problem of steam, heat or the iron which spits out a lot of water.

Very often, these breakdowns are due to poor maintenance of the device, which is why it is necessary to regularly review the condition of the device. If a light flashes, this means that the appliance needs descaling.

If you notice a flashing light on your steamer, it’s likely an indication of some operational or technical issue. These lights are part of your appliance’s alert system, designed to communicate specific problems or statuses. This article aims to help you understand what a flashing light on your steamer could mean and how to troubleshoot it.

Why Does My Steamer Have a Flashing Light?

Possible Causes and Solutions

1. Heating Indicator

Possible Cause: In many steamers, a light flashes to indicate that the device is currently heating up.

Solution: Simply wait for the appliance to reach its operating temperature. The light will typically stop flashing and remain steady once the steamer is ready to use.

2. Low Water Indicator

Possible Cause: Some steamers are equipped with a low water level indicator. If the water level in the tank drops below a certain level, a light may start to flash.

Solution: Refill the water reservoir. Ensure to use distilled or demineralized water to prevent mineral build-up, which can affect the steamer’s performance over time.

3. Technical Fault Indicator

Possible Cause: A flashing light could indicate a technical fault. This could be due to an issue with the heating element, the pump, or another internal component.

Solution: Consult the user manual to understand the specific error codes or flashing light patterns. If the manual doesn’t provide a solution, or if you’re uncomfortable handling the issue yourself, consider reaching out to a professional appliance repair service.

Why Does My Steamer Have a Flashing Light?

4. Cleaning Indicator

Possible Cause: Some steamers have a cleaning or descaling indicator that flashes to alert the user when it’s time to clean the appliance.

Solution: Follow the cleaning or descaling instructions provided in the user manual. This process typically involves using a descaling solution or vinegar to clean the interior of the steamer and remove mineral deposits.


A flashing light on your steamer is an important signal that you shouldn’t ignore. It could be alerting you to an operational status, low water level, a need for cleaning, or even a technical fault. Understanding these signals and responding appropriately can help keep your steamer in optimal condition and extend its lifespan. If you’re uncertain about the meaning of a flashing light or how to troubleshoot it, it’s always best to consult the user manual or contact a professional. Regular maintenance and care, guided by the manufacturer’s instructions, will ensure your steamer continues to function well.