Why Does One of My Electric Hob's Hotplates Not Work?

Jul 29, 2023, 18:59pm

There are several types of hobs such as gas, ceramic or electric hob. The heat of the electric plate is done according to the intensity of the current and has a thermostat to regulate the temperature. It allows the power to be cut off when the heat is too high.

It may happen that one of the hotplates (or more) no longer heats up. In this case, you must use a multimeter to test:

  • the fireplace that doesn’t work
  • the regulator
  • the connection

Electric hobs are a common choice in many households due to their affordability, easy installation, and simplicity of use. However, they are not exempt from occasional issues, and one common problem faced by users is one or more hotplates not working. This article will delve into the potential reasons behind this issue and suggest solutions to get your hob back up and running.

Why Does One of My Electric Hob's Hotplates Not Work?

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Electric hobs use a significant amount of electrical power. If one of your hotplates is not working, it could be due to a tripped circuit breaker.

Solution: Check your home’s electrical panel and ensure that the circuit for your kitchen appliances isn’t tripped. If it is, reset it and check the hob again. If the circuit continues to trip, you may have an electrical issue that needs professional attention.

Faulty Hotplate

Sometimes, the hotplate itself may be at fault. Burned-out elements, faulty wires, or damaged connectors can all lead to one or more hotplates not functioning.

Solution: If a single hotplate is not working while others are, it’s likely an issue with that specific hotplate. Replacing a hotplate should ideally be done by a professional technician due to the risk associated with electrical repairs.

Faulty Control Switch

The control switch, also known as the infinite switch, regulates the heat produced by the hotplate. If this switch is defective, it can prevent the hotplate from heating up.

Solution: If turning the control knob doesn’t adjust the heat or turn on the hotplate, you might have a faulty control switch. It needs to be replaced by a professional appliance repair technician.

Loose or Burnt Wiring

Wiring issues are another common reason for hotplates not working. Over time, wires can become loose or burnt out, disrupting the flow of electricity to the hotplate.

Solution: Inspecting the wiring should always be done by a professional, as it involves dealing with potentially dangerous electrical components.

Why Does One of My Electric Hob's Hotplates Not Work?


If one of the hotplates on your electric hob is not working, it could be due to a variety of reasons, ranging from a simple tripped circuit breaker to more complex issues like a faulty hotplate or wiring problems. While resetting a circuit breaker can be done at home, most other troubleshooting steps and repairs should be handled by professionals to avoid any risk of electric shock. Regular maintenance and prompt professional repair can help prolong the life of your electric hob and ensure a safe, smooth cooking experience.