Why Has My Oven Glass Exploded?

Jul 28, 2023, 15:48pm

Optimal cooking depends above all on good maintenance of your oven. Whether manual, pyrolytic or catalytic, the cleaning of the oven must be done as regularly as possible in order to extend its lifespan and to cook in healthy equipment. The oven will reach very high temperatures and even if it is made to withstand these temperature changes, the elements that compose it can be damaged.

This is why it is necessary to know and understand the operation of this device. If the oven glass explodes, this may be due to: ventilation or a shock.

Discovering your oven glass has shattered can be quite a shock. Besides the cleanup and the inconvenience, you’re also left with the mystery of what caused this to happen. This article aims to demystify the reasons behind this unexpected event, providing an understanding of why oven glass might explode, and offering measures you can take to prevent such an occurrence in the future.

Why Has My Oven Glass Exploded?

Understanding Oven Glass Explosion

First, let’s clarify what we mean by ‘exploding.’ When we say the oven glass has exploded, we’re referring to the phenomenon where the glass unexpectedly shatters, usually into small pieces, not a violent or dangerous explosion.

Oven glass is typically made of tempered or safety glass, which is designed to withstand high temperatures and resist breaking. However, certain conditions can lead to its failure, resulting in what can seem like an explosion.

Potential Causes

1. Extreme Temperature Changes

The most common reason for oven glass shattering is thermal shock, which occurs when there’s a rapid change in temperature. For instance, splashing a cold liquid onto the hot glass can cause such a shock, leading to the glass shattering.

2. Manufacturing Defects

Glass is produced under high heat and rapidly cooled to make it tougher – a process known as tempering. If this process isn’t controlled perfectly, it can lead to tension within the glass. Over time, this tension can cause the glass to shatter unexpectedly.

3. Impact Damage

While tempered glass is designed to be tough, it can still be damaged by impact. A heavy object falling onto the glass or a hard knock can create a small chip or crack. Although not immediately visible, over time, this weakness can expand under the heat, leading to the glass shattering.

4. Incorrect Installation

If the oven door isn’t properly installed, it may not fit right, creating pressure points on the glass. Over time, these pressure points can become weak spots that lead to the glass shattering.


After pyrolysis, the glass may remain dirty and you may need an abrasive sponge. Oven windows are equipped with thermal protection: wiping the window with this sponge will damage this protection and create a hot spot that can break the window.

There is also a risk that your oven glass will break if you try to use cleaning products that are not suitable for your oven.

If the glass is too damaged, replace it.


The oven is equipped with a ventilation system to cool the windows and the outside of the oven. It is extremely important to follow the installation information given in the instructions supplied with the oven: in case of problems with cooling, the glass may break.


The shock could have been caused by a hot dish or plate falling onto the glass. This can damage the glass, crack and break it. The glass may not break immediately, but the oven will heat up to high temperatures, which will further damage it.

How to Prevent Oven Glass Explosions

Understanding the potential causes of oven glass shattering can help you take steps to prevent it:

1. Avoid Rapid Temperature Changes

Avoid subjecting your oven glass to rapid temperature changes. Don’t use cold water to clean the oven door when it’s still hot, and avoid opening the oven door for long periods when it’s at high heat.

Why Has My Oven Glass Exploded?

2. Regular Inspection

Regularly inspect your oven door for any signs of damage. Small chips or cracks can lead to bigger problems, so if you notice any, it may be best to replace the glass before it shatters.

3. Careful Handling

Handle your oven door carefully to avoid any impact damage. Don’t use the door as a shelf for heavy items, and avoid slamming the door shut.

4. Professional Installation

Ensure that your oven is installed by a professional or according to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid incorrect fitting that can put pressure on the glass.

In conclusion, while the phenomenon of oven glass shattering can be startling, understanding the potential causes can help prevent it. Regular inspection, careful handling, and proper installation can go a long way in maintaining the integrity of your oven glass. If your oven glass does shatter, ensure the cleanup is thorough to prevent injuries, and seek a professional’s help to replace the glass. Safety should always be your top priority when dealing with such issues.