Why My Oven Stops While Cookin

Jul 25, 2023, 22:09pm

The oven reaches very high temperatures to heat and cook the food inside. It is designed to withstand this temperature change for a very long time. It thus has several resistances allowing heating according to a type of cooking chosen beforehand: the resistance of sole, vault, grill and convection heat. It is a propeller that will turn to heat the interior of the oven as a whole and diffuse the heat.

It is possible that the oven stops working during cooking. It will be necessary to test the elements which may be responsible for the breakdown:

  1. the oven power supply terminal block
  2. the door closing
  3. noise filter
  4. resistances
  5. the control thermostat.

Having an oven that stops mid-cooking can be a frustrating experience. The causes can range from simple to complex issues, and in this article, we will explore some of the most common reasons this may happen and suggest potential solutions.

Disclaimer: Always ensure the oven is disconnected from the power source before you attempt any fixes. If your oven is still under warranty, or if you’re uncomfortable performing any of these tasks, it’s recommended to contact a professional technician.

Why My Oven Stops While Cooking

1. Overheating

Some ovens are equipped with a thermal fuse, which is a safety feature that cuts off power to the oven if it gets too hot. If your oven stops while cooking, it may be because it’s overheating and the thermal fuse is tripping. Check if your oven is unusually hot. If so, there may be an issue with the oven’s temperature control system that needs to be addressed by a professional.

2. Electrical Issues

Your oven may stop mid-cycle if there is an interruption in the power supply. This could be due to a tripped circuit breaker, a blown fuse, or even a loose plug. Check your circuit breaker box to see if the breaker has tripped, or if the oven’s plug is securely inserted into the outlet.

3. Faulty Door Switch

Most ovens have a safety feature that stops the heat when the oven door is opened. If your oven stops heating while the door is still closed, the door switch that controls this safety feature may be faulty and falsely signaling that the door is open. You may need a professional to diagnose and replace the door switch.

4. Malfunctioning Control Board

The control board is the brain of your oven, regulating heating, timing, and other functions. If your oven stops while cooking, the control board may be malfunctioning. This problem usually requires a professional technician to replace the board.

5. Inaccurate Oven Sensor

The oven sensor measures the oven’s internal temperature and communicates this information to the control board. If the sensor is not functioning correctly, it could be sending incorrect information, causing the oven to shut off prematurely. A faulty sensor often requires replacement.

6. Timer Settings

Some ovens have a timer that, when set, shuts off the oven after a certain amount of time. Ensure that the timer wasn’t accidentally set, causing the oven to stop mid-cooking.


Your oven is equipped with a power terminal block to which the power wires are connected. Over time, the wires can loosen or burn out.

  • Remove the back panel and top of the oven.
  • Follow the power cable to find the terminal block. It may have several aspects.
  • Check its condition, it should not be burnt or blackened, and the wires should be tight. Tighten the screws or lugs if necessary, otherwise replace the terminal block.
  • Make sure all connectors (also called jumpers or shunts) are present and connected in the correct location. Help yourself with the wiring diagram, usually pasted near the power supply terminal block.

Why My Oven Stops While Cooking


The role of the anti-parasitic filter (or capacitor) is to eliminate interference so as not to interfere with the operation of the device. It connects to the electrical cord inside the machine.

  • Find the Noise Filter: Walk along the electrical cord. Typically, there is a black live wire and a blue neutral wire that is connected to it with female lugs or a connector. Depending on the model, it may have a cylindrical or cubic shape.
  • Visually check the condition of the muffler: it should not be blackened, swollen or swollen.
  • Select the largest AC voltmeter mode range on your multimeter, often 600 volts.
  • Put the multimeter probes on the tips of the electrical cord connected to the noise filter. The voltage found should be the same as the electrical outlet, i.e. about 230 volts AC.
  • To check if the anti-parasitic filter is passing, stand on the terminals at the output of the network card and measure. The voltage must be the same. If you cannot find the value, the part is defective.

In conclusion, several factors could cause an oven to stop while cooking. Some, like checking the power supply or timer settings, are quick and easy fixes. Others, like replacing the control board or oven sensor, are more complex and usually require the help of a professional. Always prioritize safety when dealing with appliances and don’t hesitate to call in a professional if you’re unsure about any step in the process.