Why My Steamer or Iron Makes Too Much Steam?

Aug 03, 2023, 16:30pm

The steam generator is very useful for ironing clothes, it is more efficient than a conventional iron. The appliance is equipped with a resistance to heat the water and produce steam: these parts can therefore be damaged over time and no longer function correctly. That’s why cleaning and descaling the machine is a great way to prolong its life.

If the steam generator produces too much steam, descale your appliance. If the problem persists, it will be necessary to check certain elements responsible for this failure:

  • the solenoid valve
  • the switch
  • cord

A steamer or iron producing an excessive amount of steam can lead to various problems, such as dampening the fabric too much or even causing potential safety issues. Several factors can contribute to this issue, from user error to a malfunctioning steam regulator. This article will delve into the potential causes of a steamer or iron producing too much steam and how you can troubleshoot this problem.

Why My Steamer or Iron Makes Too Much Steam?

Possible Causes and Solutions

1. Incorrect Temperature Setting

Possible Cause: One common reason for excessive steam is the use of a very high temperature setting. High settings are designed to produce more steam to deal with tougher wrinkles on heavier fabrics.

Solution: Try reducing the temperature setting on your steamer or iron. Always refer to your appliance’s user manual and your fabric’s care label for the correct temperature setting to prevent damage to the fabric.

2. Faulty Steam Control

Possible Cause: A faulty steam control or steam regulator can result in too much steam being released. This component regulates the amount of steam produced by the appliance, and if it’s malfunctioning, it can cause an overproduction of steam.

Solution: If you suspect a faulty steam control, it may require professional repair or replacement. Always ensure to hire a certified technician for this task to avoid further damage.

3. Overfilled Water Reservoir

Possible Cause: Overfilling the water reservoir can also lead to excessive steam. More water in the reservoir can mean more water available for conversion into steam.

Solution: Always ensure to fill the water reservoir only up to the recommended level, usually indicated by a max-fill line.

Why My Steamer or Iron Makes Too Much Steam?

4. Incorrect Use of Steam Burst Function

Possible Cause: Many irons and steamers come with a steam burst function, which releases a large amount of steam at once to tackle stubborn creases. However, if used inappropriately or excessively, it can appear as though the appliance is producing too much steam.

Solution: Use the steam burst function sparingly, only for stubborn wrinkles. Also, ensure you’re pressing the correct button, as some models have multiple steam settings.


Excessive steam production from a steamer or iron can often be remedied with simple fixes such as adjusting the temperature setting or ensuring the water reservoir is not overfilled. However, if your appliance continues to produce too much steam despite these measures, it may be indicative of a more serious issue, such as a faulty steam regulator, and professional help may be needed. Understanding how your appliance works and how to properly maintain it can greatly help in preventing and resolving issues like this one. Regular maintenance and correct usage will ensure your steamer or iron remains efficient and prolongs its lifespan.