Why Won't My Dryer Run Anymore?

Jul 25, 2023, 15:31pm

The dryer still requires regular maintenance so that it continues to function well as it is used. In the long term, certain parts can be damaged and cause one of the frequent breakdowns on this type of appliance: the dryer no longer turns.

You will then need to check the following parts:

  • the belt,
  • the impeller,
  • motor rollers,
  • felts,
  • the capacitor,
  • engine
  • and the wiring.

Few things are more frustrating than a load of wet laundry and a dryer that refuses to run. Such breakdowns can happen suddenly, leaving you in a fix. However, there could be several reasons why your dryer has stopped running. Understanding these causes and how to resolve them can help you troubleshoot, and in some cases, fix the problem yourself. Let’s delve into the potential reasons why your dryer won’t run anymore.

Why Won't My Dryer Run Anymore?

Power Issues

The most common reason why your dryer might not run is a power issue. This could be as simple as the dryer not being properly plugged in or a tripped circuit breaker. It could also be due to more complex issues like a blown thermal fuse or problems with the power cord.

Tip: Check the basics first. Ensure your dryer is properly plugged in and your circuit breaker has not tripped. If these aren’t the issues, you may need a professional to check for blown fuses or other electrical problems.

Door Switch or Latch

Your dryer won’t run if it thinks the door is open. The door switch signals the machine that the door is securely closed. If the door switch is defective or if the latch isn’t catching properly, the dryer won’t start.

Tip: Check the door latch for any obvious signs of damage. You can also listen for a clicking sound when you close the door, indicating the door switch is functioning. If you suspect a door switch issue, it’s best to call a professional as diagnosing or replacing a door switch requires disassembly of the dryer.

Start Switch

The start switch is what you engage when you want your dryer to begin its cycle. If it’s defective, the dryer won’t start even though the rest of the controls are functioning correctly.

Tip: If the switch doesn’t have continuity or if it’s visibly damaged, it will need to be replaced. This is a relatively straightforward repair, but if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, it’s best to call a technician.

Broken Timer or Control Board

The timer or control board is the brain of your dryer, controlling the different cycles and functions. If either of these is malfunctioning, your dryer might not run.

Tip: A broken timer or control board is more challenging to diagnose and fix. You’ll likely need a multimeter and an understanding of electrical circuits. If you’re unsure, it’s best to hire a professional.

Faulty Motor

The motor is the heart of your dryer, turning the drum and powering the blower. If the motor is burned out or if there’s a problem with the motor windings, the dryer won’t start.

Tip: Diagnosing a faulty motor can be complicated, and replacing one is typically a job for a professional. If the motor is the issue, you’ll need to weigh the cost of repair against the cost of a new dryer.

Why Won't My Dryer Run Anymore?


Your appliance is equipped with a fan to circulate hot air. It is powered by a motor which, depending on the model, also allows the drum to be rotated.

  • Foreign objects such as socks may block it. Sometimes it is possible to access this part from the front by removing the filters, otherwise it is necessary to dismantle the sides.
  • Inspect the impeller, possibly rotating the drum by hand. It should spin freely unless changed.


Engine pulleys or tensioner pulleys are a piece of metal and plastic. Their role is to tension the belt so that it can turn the drum: a faulty roller can cause the drum to suddenly stop.

  • Locate the motor rollers that are connected to the drive motor. You usually need to remove the right side to access it.
  • Then check if they rotate freely and if they are not damaged, if not, replace them.

In conclusion, a dryer that won’t run can be due to several reasons, ranging from simple power issues to more complex problems with the door switch, start switch, timer, control board, or motor. Some of these issues can be checked and potentially resolved at home, while others will require the expertise of a professional technician. However, understanding these potential issues can help you troubleshoot the problem and get your dryer back up and running.